This section provides answers to frequently asked questions from visitors to our site. 

Service actormodellook.com created to promote creative people, professions such as actors, models, dancers, vocalists, presenters, musicians and other professionals in show business. By creating a questionnaire, you join the premium club of the production center actormodellook.com . You get the opportunity to be on the list of applicants that we offer to our partners for roles in various projects. Among our partners are the most famous and large companies: film companies, casting agencies, modeling agencies, production centers and TV channels.
Posting your profile on the website actromodellook.com absolutely free and indefinitely.

The response is sending your resume to the casting organizer (casting director). We recommend that you fill out the form completely and upload at least 3 photos. So your resume will attract attention. Resumes without a photo and without a full name are practically not considered!

If you sent a resume (responded), then you must see the message "Your resume has been successfully sent", this means that the casting organizer will definitely receive your resume. As a rule, in the next two or three days the casting organizers follow the link to your profile and download it for further processing.

Employers (casting organizers) contact you in three ways: 1) send a message via the website (you will receive it by e-mail) 2) directly to the email address you specified 3) by the phone number you specified. Therefore, always specify the correct email and phone number. All the companies that place their castings with us are verified. No scammers can contact you.

For this purpose, paid response packages are provided. You can pay for one response to the most desired project, or take a package of responses at a more favorable price and respond to several castings. Also on the site there is a great feature for promotion, this is the Gold tariff. Firstly, all the contacts of the casting organizers will be immediately opened to you. By connecting it, your profile is moved to the first page, highlighted with a golden frame and marked with a crown, which indicates your status. You are constantly seen by the casting organizers. With the Gold tariff, you can respond to an unlimited number of castings, which will allow more than two hundred companies to see you and invite you to the project! Our managers further promote the holders of the Gold status by offering our partners projects every day! We recommend that you do not passively observe how others are invited to projects and they become famous, but actively engage in your promotion.

Your response does not guarantee that you will be invited to the project. You may not be suitable for any parameters. We recommend that you do not get upset and send your application to other auditions. The more you respond, the more likely you are to get into projects as soon as possible. We warn you that it may happen that you will be invited to several auditions at the same time. In this case, you just choose a project that is more suitable for you and, if possible, inform other employers that you will not take part in their auditions.

If after deleting your account, you still find your photos in the search results, then you need to independently perform the following procedure for page reindexing in Google Search Console and after that, within 1-2 days, deletion will occur.

Page reindexing in Google Search Console: step-by-step instructions

 Reindexing pages in the Google Search Console (Webmaster) allows you to send them to the Google search engine by re-scanning if there are changes on the page.

Sending a page to the Google Search Console for reindexing

To do this, you will need to go to Google Search Console and then enter the desired URL of the page in the search bar at the top of the menu.

After that, the system will show data about the indexing of the landing page, for example, that it is already known to the search engine.

There may also be a reverse option when the page has not been scanned by a bot.

After that, click on "Request indexing".

After that, within 1-2 days, the robot will scan the URL again and make changes to the database.